When I started this project on the last day of May, I told myself I would update my blog every day for a month. Here on the last day of June, I can somewhat proudly say I met this goal. What I did not tell you about starting a blog on May 31 was that I had told myself on May 1 that I would start a blog by the end of the month. I hemmed and hawed, and after an extremely unproductive Memorial Day weekend, I told myself I should work on some ideas in June and start a blog in July. But then I heard Nell Greenfield Boyce’s comment about celebrating with cake as I turned on NPR for the drive to work,  and I knew I could not ignore such a cosmic kick in the pants.

Speaking of pants, I’ve spent most of this month flying by the seat of mine. There is so much I don’t know about baking and blogging, but there is also so much I now know simply for the sake of committing to and then doing it. If I had waited until my ideas were near perfect, I never would have started. I’d be sitting here right now thinking about starting a blog in August.

So now that I’ve figured out what it takes to bake and write and take pictures and upload it all on the Internet while also dealing with dirty dishes that seem to reproduce like rabbits, I plan to slow it down a bit. I will still bake and write most days, just not every day.  The extra time will give me the leeway I need to cook up new ideas and correct mistakes so you can read about recipes that work along with the failures that led to the successes.

At no point did I want to quit, but at times an unexpected and kind comment always gave me a little extra boost. Thank you all for reading. I will be back up and baking soon.

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