This post has little to do with flour, but it has a lot to do with love. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit three North Carolina vineyards as part of a girls’ day to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding. That’s where the love comes in.

Vineyard One: Laurel Grey

All parties involved agreed the wines at Laurel Grey were fantastic. I prefer a sweet or fruity wine, and many of the wines at Laurel Grey fit this bill. In addition to wine, Laurel Grey sells the most delicious vinaigrette I have ever tasted. Barbecue sauce, as well as a chocolate and a caramel sauce made with wine, are also Laurel Grey specialties and taste as delicious as the wine.

Vineyard Two: Raffaldini

The grounds at Raffaldini were absolutely gorgeous. The wines, however, were all very dry. I asked the gentleman pouring our tasting why the wines were so dry, and he responded, “the owner prefers dry wines.” That was good enough reason for me.

When speaking to us about the vineyard, the gentleman also told us if the fruit on a vine received too much sun, workers would hand turn the grapes to prevent them from getting a sunburn. Now that’s love.

Vineyard Three: Cellar 4201

A happy medium between Laurel Grey and Raffaldini. Pretty grounds and good wine. By this description, you can tell I was on my third winery of the day.

All this wine made me think about the desserts you could make with the drink. Red wine and chocolate pair well together; check out red wine cookies for inspiration. Lighter flavors, like lemon, pair well with white wine; how about these lemon and white wine cookies for dessert? My personal favorite, judging solely on the title alone, are Italian wine donut cookies. Wine and donuts? Now we are talking. Cheers!

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