Happy birthday Tracey, I hope you enjoy your virtual cake.

When I saw a recipe for a chocolate angel food cake in Melissa Gray’s “All Cakes Considered“, I knew I had to try it. Not because I love chocolate, but because I’d never considered such a cake before. Since I’m not a big chocolate cake fan, I had the wise idea to marble the chocolate with the traditional white angel food cake.

I was looking at the baking section in Michael’s a few days ago, and I saw Duff sold a zebra cake mix. “That’s exactly what I want to do with the angel food,” I thought. I read the box instructions about how to layer the chocolate and white cake mixes, and I left the store thinking I knew just what to do when I made my cake at home.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have seen my share of inverted angel food cake pans balanced on bottles, and never have I witnessed one fall out of the pan. Then I made my “cake.”  In the cookbook, Melissa warns not to grease the pan. I did NOT grease the pan. I did fail to appropriately whip the egg whites.

The egg whites I used for the chocolate were mousse-like, and the other whites seemed flat. They were fluffy and peaky but then died when I sprinkled in the flour. “Surely those will balance themselves out,” I reasoned. I think I need to watch a YouTube video about whipping egg whites into shape and then come back to this project.

Was it salvageable?  The cake didn’t taste too bad, so I cut it into some pieces and whipped up some cream to hold them together.  It was almost like an angel food brownie instead of an angel food cake.  Now that’s an idea…

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