Summer Jalapeno Dip

There is so much to love at the Farmer’s Market. Baskets of sweet, fuzzy peaches and juicy, red tomatoes. Lush bouquets of herbs and flowers. Pints of spicy jalapeño peppers that call your name, yet once home hide in the refrigerator until they are so wrinkled you suspect they found a way to take a long bath.

Hmm, how to use those ugly, wrinkly, yet still very edible jalapeño peppers? Cue the music and enter the cream cheese. Unless it gets dropped in a pile of dirt, I can’t imagine anything made with cream cheese could turn out badly.

Summer Vegetable Jalapeno Dip

Taking a nod from a warm dip chock full of sweet corn and jalapeños – a dip my friend Dawn is required to bring to each and every get together less she lose our friendship – I decided to make my own sweet corn and jalapeño pepper dip complete with juicy, red tomatoes. If you want to add meat, many jalapeño dip recipes include 1/2 cup of bacon in place of tomatoes or corn.

I baked the dip in an 8-x-8 inch dish, and while it made a fine proportion for snacking purposes, I would recommend doubling or tripling the recipe for sharing with larger groups. I preferred the dip right out of the oven, but it reheated well both in the oven and the microwave. Enjoy!

Summer Vegetable Jalapeno Dip

Summer Veggie Jalapeno Dip
  • 1, 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
  • ½ cup mayonnaise or plain, Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup jalapeno peppers, deseeded and diced (about 5 jalapenos)
  • ½ cup tomatoes, diced
  • ½ cup corn
  • ½ cup cheddar or Mexican-blend grated cheese
  • ½ cup cracker or bread crumbs for topping, if desired
  1. Mix together the cream cheese and mayonnaise or Greek yogurt until creamy.
  2. Add the jalapenos, tomatoes, corn, and cheese, mixing until well combined.
  3. Pour the mixture into an 8-by-8 baking dish and top with cracker or bread crumbs if using.
  4. Bake at 375 degrees F for 20-25 minutes until the dip is bubbling around the edges and/or the topping is browned.
  5. Remove the dip from the oven, allow to cool slightly, then serve warm.

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