I love cake.

This morning, a segment from NPR’s Morning Edition greeted me as I pulled out of the driveway on my way to work.  Nell Greenfield Boyce was finishing up an interview with Bill Couch.  Couch drives the crawler.  The crawler carries the space shuttle from the hangar to the launch pad.

As the space program draws to a close next month, tonight marks the start of the last crawler trip.  From what I understand, the trip takes a good amount of time, patience, and concentration to complete, so the crawler crew celebrates reaching the launch pad by opening a bag of chips and reaching for a jar of salsa.

Couch told Greenfield Boyce, “We open up a bag of chips and salsa, and there it is.”   To which she replied, “And so you think for the last one it will still be chips and salsa or is anybody thinking about like a cake…”

And there it was, before I had driven a half a mile, “…is anybody thinking about like a cake.”  “Yes,” I exclaimed, “I think about cake all the time!”

Couch anticipated the crawler crew would stick with the chips and salsa.  But for me, I’m going with the cake.  I’m not a trained cook.  I’m just a girl who loves to bake and likes to write.  So tonight, as the crawler crew begins their last trip, I make the first move on mine.


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