When I started this blog three months ago, I had no idea what to expect. I knew I wanted to write, and I knew I really liked cake, so I figured I would simply begin a blog about baking. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I knew I was jumping in with both feet on two hobbies, the writing and the baking, but I conveniently ignored the other two factors inherent in blogging, the photography and the blog site itself. The familiar saying “like drinking from a firehouse” comes to mind when I think about what learning all of these aspects has been like.

While I learn a little bit more about food each time I bake, my concoctions are by no means perfect. Try as I might, things that leave me wondering what the heck went wrong still come out of my oven. In her memoir Spoon Fed, Kim Sverson writes about the fantastic world of food, describing how only something magical can explain the myriad colors of beets (red, golden and candy-cane striped), how wonderful it is that salt can preserve anything and everything, and the miracle otherwise known as cheese. Then she writes, “things get more mysteriously divine when you start to think about baking.”  Those mysteries are what keep me going.

In addition to becoming a slightly better baker, I have really enjoyed learning a little more about blogging everyday.  Just when I think I have my site looking pretty good, I will come across other blogs with bells and whistles that I simply must have too. Then it takes me days, if not weeks, to figure out how to get them. I’m not even close to having my site where I envision it, so I’ll keep working at it.

But first up, I would like to learn a bit more about food styling so I can post better pictures. While I’m doing okay with my little point-and- shoot camera, I know I can get better shots with just a few more props and a better understanding of what makes a good photo.

While I was on the vineyard tour a few weeks ago, I told my friend Dawn, for whom photography is her livelihood, that I thought of her often while taking blog photos. She tried to make me feel better by rattling off something about the relationship between apertures and shutter speeds and something else I can’t remember right now, but all of those things are yet to fully sink in.

All that said, I think I passed my 90-day probation and can continue on.

On this September Eve, I am looking forward to continuing this project for the next few months. I already can’t wait to bake with pumpkin. In fact, I love pumpkin so much that I might bake with nothing other than pumpkin for all of October. Then the holidays will be upon us, so I figure there will be no use stopping right in the prime of baking season. I’m looking forward to carrying on, and I thank you all for reading!

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