Jenis 002 Edited Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things)

Over the past year, I have come to enjoy reading about the various favorites things and assorted loves of other bloggers. Quite a few interesting products, places and internet humor has come to my attention thanks to these virtual word of mouth posts. Jumping on the bandwagon, I have decided to make an attempt to offer up my own favorites each month this year. I am starting things off with a photo of a classic favorite of mine - Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream – in flavors Queen City Cayenne, Black Coffee and Cherry Lambic sorbet. After eating those three scoops last Saturday afternoon, I ate a scoop of Salty Caramel and Lemon sorbet after dinner. Classy.

I have loved Jeni’s ice cream for quite a while now. It has been fun to watch what was once a North Market failure give rise to a  little shop in Grandview, expand across Columbus and into Tennessee (make Charlotte the next stop, I beg of you Ms. Jeni) and publish a James Beard Award-winning cookbook. Both a Manhattan Float recipe and a Mojito ice cream sundae recipe offered up by Jeni herself are available for your viewing pleasure at Daily Candy, which just happens to be another one of my favorites.

Mini Desk Calendar Edited Edited Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things)

 For as long as I can remember, I have used some sort of calendar or planner to keep track of my life. Since I purchased an iPhone over a year ago, I have used its electronic calendar and lists to eliminate carrying a paper planner. Yet I often find myself looking up during the day to check dates, and since I often forget where I last put my phone, I like to have a paper calender around.

This cute mini desk calendar from Bernadette Artwork is perfect for my needs. Each month is presented on a piece of card stock the size of a business card, and the plastic case in which it arrives folds up to sit nicely on my desk. I no longer have to fight an unwieldy paper calendar that likes to fall down when I pin it up, and I get to look at cute seasonal artwork instead of the same ol’ beaches I usually gaze upon. Not that there is anything wrong with beach scenes in the dead of winter, I just happen to like this calendar better.

A Year of Bows Edited Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things)

A year of bows! My sister makes and sells an assortment of bows, barrettes  headbands, hats and even tutus for little ladies. I really like her idea of selling A Year of Bows which features 12 hair accessories themed to each month of the year. The bows come attached to a ribbon which hangs from a wooden initial painted with polka dots or left plain. If you are in need of a gift for the  little girls in your life, please take a moment to visit the From Head to Bows Facebook page to see all of the cute items she has available.


FitCritters Edited Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things)


Speaking of my sister, one of her former kindergarten students who is now an ancient third grader recently launched a t-shirt line called Fit Critters. A variety of adult and children’s t-shirts feature her drawings of critters who want to encourage people to get and stay fit. Given January is the time for fitness resolutions, I felt it appropriate to share Fit Critters as a source of inspiration. Pictured above are Boxer Dog, Jump Rope Rabbit and Kung Fu Kangaroo. I am partial to Kung Fu Kangaroo myself.

518ThbrmW2L. SY450  Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things)I do not remember why I came across the Underwater Dogs Book by Seth Casteel Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things), but these pictures of underwater dogs crack me up. I was also inspired by the way his success came about. According to this article, he began taking pictures of dogs at animal shelters to improve their chances of adoption. A dog chase across a highway led to a chance encounter, which led to a pet photo shoot, which led to work referrals and a dog jumping in a pool. The rest is history. More photos are available to entertain you on the Little Friends Photo website, and information about how any one interested in photography can help out at animal shelters is available at Second Chance Photos.

239 Edited Weekend Update (or My Favorite Things)

If you are struggling to make New Years Resolutions or trying to figure out what you should do with your life, read Why You Must Follow Your Dreams for a kick in the pants inspiration. Happy January!





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